Prof. Karl Kleine a couple of photos  

  some portraits of me ...  
  2018, taken at the XIV. Austrian Symposium on the History of Mathematics, Miesenbach  
  about 2015, in my study at home  
  2014, at a meeting in the garden  

  at slide rule conferences ...  
  inspecting some AWF special slide rules
with Nathan Zeldes at IM2013 in Berlin
  organizing a session with Peter Hopp,
IM2012 at Bletchley Park
  presenting the replica of Lambert's calculating rods of 1761,
IM2007 Greifswald

[see also the article on my german publications page]

  showing the rare D&P 29 by Nelting, in the background a number of IJzebrand Schuitema's slide rule display boards,
IM2003 at Amsterdam / Breukelen
[unfortunately, I do not own any of the few Nelting slide rules; this one was borrowed to show it at the conference]
  presenting a special slide rules for ophthalmic opticians
for the determination of lens parameters for severe cases,
RST15 Berlin 2007

  finally, any home needs a teddy bear, or two — just for fun  
  Professor Wolli is my bear from childhood, with bespoke robe tailored by my wife, a true academic. You see him with his books and PC at work (yes, it's a real PC, a HP 200LX).  

James, our Young Collector of the Month,
proudly presenting some slide rules of his collection

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