Prof. Karl Kleine MathCards  


My MathCards project

is a collection of standard sized postcards (14.7 or 21.0 × 10.5 cm) featuring mathe­matical or computer science themes. Their purpose is to shown and to popularize that mathematics is both useful and beautiful and a base for our modern life. It is tragedy that both schools and large parts of our 'modern society' have damaged the image of mathematics so badly and for so long.

On this web page you see only some of the by now more than 40 cards that I prepared. Read my MathCard Notes to learn more about the project, including a detailled list of all of them and how to get them.

Currently the postcards contain texts in German. They can generally easily adapted to other languages as required.


This is only a sample; read my MathCard Notes for the full story!


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